Club Nation is the worldwide known radio show founded by Jessy Winters in 2009.

The show started as a project of Tezija & Keyra.

In February 2009 they set up their own weekly 2 hours progressive/trance radio show Club Nation on a dutch FM station, the show got very popular in a short period. unfortunately the dutch
station lost it’s FM frequency after 3 months of broadcasting.

Club Nation Episode 127

At the same time the huge brazilian radio station “Rede Transamerica” wanted them to broadcast their show on their International station based in Nagoya and broadcasting on the FM all over Japan.
This station stopped broadcasting in Japan and Club Nation left the station.
But after this more stations followed and they are now broadcasted by over 30 stations all around the world in coutries like Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, USA, Japan, China, UK, Cyprus,
Greece and Israel.

Club Nation 134 with Ferry Corsten

The show is supported by the biggest international DJs like Ferry Corsten, Gareth Emery, Duderstadt, Cosmic Gate, Ashley Wallbridge, Mike koglin, Ernesto vs Bastian, Malev and many others with a 30 minutes guest mix.

As like everything changes in the years also Club Nation changed it’s sound not only playing Trance anymore but also Progressive and House.
They decided to stop broadcasting guest mixes and only aired 2 hours mixed by themselves.

In 2012 Matt Pincer joined the team of Club Nation with his 2 monthly hours of “NRG”. A high energy Trance show mixed by Matt Pincer.

After 250 episodes of Club Nation they decided to rearrange the Club Nation radio show in an unique way.
Club Nation not only plays mixes, but Club Nation presents 3 shows in 1 which is a unique project in the world of radio shows and a great way to discover all different kinds of electronic dance music.


Weekly not only mixed, but also presented by Jessy Winters the `Wintersland` radio show. One hour with the hottest electronic dance music from electro house to techno.

2 times a month, 1 hour of high energy recent and classic Trance music with Matt Pincer mixing “NRG”.

Also 2 times a month the original sound of Club Nation, 1 hour Trance and Progessive mixed by Tezija & Keyra.

Club Nation is HOT, Club Nation is UNIQUE and Club Nation will be a GREAT addition to your radio schedule!